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Waldorf is an holistic education with a creative, developmentally appropriate and academically rigorous approach. It aims to develop a child's emotional, spiritual, physical and academic potential equally. We call this 'Head, Heart and Hands' and through this approach we help children to be happy at school and develop the life skills they will need to thrive.

Schools are inclusive and non-selective. An interdisciplinary curriculum uniquely interweaves artistic and physical activities with academic learning including science and maths. Teaching takes into account the distinct stages of child development so that when, how and what children are taught engages with the way they naturally learn. Formal learning starts at age six allowing time for the youngest children to develop through play, imitation and exploration which fosters a sense of wellbeing and emotional resilience. The learning environment is one of warmth, empathy and appreciation which builds confidence without the need for high-stakes testing. In the upper school, a focus on questioning, discussion and research enables Waldorf students to leave school not just with good qualifications but equipped to be creative, curious, collaborative thinkers, strong communicators and imaginative innovators. Waldorf education prepares them for life in the widest sense.

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James McCullagh
Meet our alumni

Professor of Biological Chemistry

James McCullagh is Professor of Biological Chemistry at the University of Oxford and Director of the Mass Spectrometry Research Facility. He leads a multidisciplinary team exploring fundamental biochemical processes and developing biotechnology innovations across cancer metabolism, anti-microbial resistance and early detection of disease. James gained a D.Phil. at Oxford University and is author of over 140 research publications and several books.

Sulaika Weihs
Meet our alumni

Retail CEO

Sulaika Weihs is the founder of STIL Lifestyle luxury boutique and also a volunteer fundraiser for UNHCR, where she uses her commercial expertise to bring together the power of fashion for good with Hollywood to support refugees.

Adam Henderson
Meet our alumni

PhD student

Adam Henderson is a PhD student at the University of Edinburgh, currently researching the carbon impacts of changes within the energy system. He gained a Masters in Sustainable Energy Systems following a First from UEA in Energy Engineering,

They are engaged and excited about school

We've been delighted with the Waldorf approach to education. We live in London and our two children, now 12 and 14, have been with their school since their primary years and truly love their experience.

The holistic approach coupled with the academic depth given to learning means they are always engaged and excited about school and feel a real drive and ownership of their progress. Whilst both have very different personalities and styles of learning, they are both thriving in their Waldorf school and we're excited that they will be able to progress on to university with a recognised Waldorf qualification.

Our Children Truly Love School.

06 Feb 2024

Children who have access to natural outdoor environments are more resilient in the face of stress

Rachel Ford Blanchard, Assistant Principal and Early Childhood Lead at Michael Hall School Interviewed in Juno Magazine

02 Feb 2024

"This is a place where pupils can be themselves".

Congratulations to Norwich Steiner School who were again judged "Good" in their recent Ofsted inspection.

11 Jan 2024

At South Devon Steiner School young people learn to be "reflective and confident" say Ofsted.

Congratulations to South Devon Steiner School on their recent Ofsted Inspection in which the school received a Good Judgement in all areas.