Ethos and Aims

The Purpose of Education.

The aim of Waldorf Education is to equip children with the knowledge, skills and capacities they will need to flourish in a complex and changing world. From early years to upper school, experiences and learning are sequenced to nurture children's potential to adapt, think creatively, be resilient, courageous, self-aware and have the insight to understand and empathise with others.

Foundational to Waldorf education is Rudolf Steiner's philosophy that human beings are a complex interaction of body, mind and spirit and that the careful support of the development of each of these aspects of the growing child is what prepares them for life. Recognising and seeking to take care of the spiritual or inner life of children is what distinguishes Waldorf Education. In Waldorf terms the "spiritual "or "soul" is not religious but the inner aspect of being human that is not material. For more information see Anthroposophy in Waldorf Education

Teachers also draw from a plethora of contemporary research and approaches to education, learning, psychology and understanding behaviour to inform their teaching. Waldorf UK facilitates this process with CPD opportunities on all aspects of teaching and understanding the learning and developmental needs of the children in our schools.