Diversity and inclusion

Waldorf UK and the schools we represent strive to be inclusive, non-discriminatory and respectful of difference. We promote social justice, human rights and equity, teaching children to be open-minded, tolerant and to celebrate diversity.

Waldorf education seeks to create a learning community in which our children can grow to be (and encounter others who are) entirely and authentically themselves. Our approach aims to ensure that all children, their families and the wider community are respected, appropriately represented and validated. Diversity is treated as entirely normal with the key message that we support and help each other, whoever we are. Schools strive to ensure that different family structures, genders, racial and cultural heritages, belief systems, abilities and disabilities are represented and celebrated within the curriculum, festivals and resources for learning.

We are working as a school movement here in the UK and internationally to ensure we are preparing our students to flourish in the changing world by introducing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion related content in an age and developmentally appropriate way. This includes the Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) and the wider curriculum.