"This is a place where pupils can be themselves".

02 Feb 2024

Congratulations to Norwich Steiner School who were again judged "Good" in their recent Ofsted inspection.

Inspectors highlighted how "Pupils enjoy the specialised curriculum which promotes creativity and independence. Children in Kindergarten benefit from playing and learning with each other and adults. They build on their experiences to ready them for learning in the ‘lower school’. By the time pupils reach the sixth form, they are confident, articulate individuals ready for their next step"

Of the school's curriculum inspectors said - "The school’s curriculum is sensitively designed around the principles linked to Steiner Waldorf education. The curriculum covers a range of subjects which overlap, interlink and build pupils’ knowledge over time. Pupils experience a raft of varied subjects like music, craft, social science, science and mathematics. Each subject builds pupil knowledge from Kindergarten to the sixth form class"

It was also noted that "Students in sixth form are great role models for younger pupils"