Cardiff Steiner School

Cardiff Steiner School

EY - 12Full MemberDfE: ESTYN 68106096Established 201296 pupils

Cardiff Steiner School is a non-selective, independent school in Cardiff for ages 3 to 18. We offer an inspiring and nurturing education based on the needs of the ‘whole child’. The international Steiner curriculum offers a rich, rounded education, balancing cognitive and emotional intelligence with physical activity, with each subject integrating academic work with fine and practical arts. We’re a small school by design – our students are immersed in experiential learning, surrounded by a warm community, inspiring them to embrace school and become lifelong learners.

Set in Wales’ capital city, the School offers a full Kindergarten to Class 12 Steiner Waldorf education. Founded in 1997, we opened our first classes in 2012, built upon the firm foundations of 15 years as a successful Kindergarten. From strong roots we’ve quickly grown, and expanded to Upper School in September 2017 offering the Certificate of Steiner Education (NZCSE) with our first Class 12 graduating with the Certificate in 2021.

The Certificate is the first international, secondary school qualification to be fully based on the Steiner curriculum. It is a valid, alternative secondary school qualification that allows students to progress to further/higher education free from the restrictions of GCSE and A level curricula and examinations. The NZCSE is the most widely offered qualification in UK Steiner Schools that offer a full K-Class 12 Steiner Waldorf education.

Hawthorn Road West, Llandoff North, Cardiff, CF14 2FL

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